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Forever I am changed by your love.... [entries|friends|calendar]
For God so loved the world.....

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[ 07x06 ? 6:18pm ]

Hey guys I just wanted everyone to know that my new community is now up. If you would like to join this is the link


this journal is for people who are in Christian relationships, who want a christian relationship, need a christian relationship, are in a relationship that is only half christian and you need advice, has just ended a relationship and you need comforting and relationships that have just started. You name it thats what it's about. So come join we are all supportive of each other. We will do everything to answer anyone's questions. You can also help other members out. So come and join. God bless you all.
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A prayer..... [ 07x06 ? 3:17pm ]

I really hope that Randy gets better.

Lord I lift Randy up to you right now and I pray that the pain is very low right now. I pray that your healing hand will cover him right now and you will be there to make sure he dosnt take to many vikodin pills Lord. Keep him safe Lord father. Thank you for being so amazing Lord. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen <3
by Jesus

hey ya'll [ 07x06 ? 2:55pm ]

[ mood | mellow ]

Hey everybody,

Whats up??? My name is Amanda, i dont really know what to say so ya. How is everybody doing??? Could you guys pray for randy he just got his wisdom teeth pulled today. He looks and feels so misserable. So i would like it if you guys could pray for him that he would be able to drink/eat soon and be able to talk, cause right know we have no clue what he says. Please pray for him, pray for the pain too. Thank you so much

God Bless,

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[ 07x06 ? 12:27pm ]
Garage Sale

When: July 10th & 11th from 7:00A to 7:00P

Where: 7819 228th St. SW
Edmonds, WA

What:  Furniture, knick knacks, pictures, clothes, shoes, and so much more!
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My new community [ 07x05 ? 11:46am ]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey kids. I'm gonna be starting a community for christians in dating relationships. It's gonna be cool. KGodbless.


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